Unmanned Electric Vehicle

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This design responds to concerns regarding electric car solutions (battery, mileage per charge, charging the batteries.. etc.) it also responds to congestion problems and provides mobility to underage, elderly, handicapped as well as any individual who is interested in arriving to their destination in the fastest way possible without bothering with driving instructions, directions, street signs or lights and parking spaces or the amount of drinks they had… Just punch your destination on the GPS device or on the internet, and enjoy surfing the web, watching TV, drinking coffee with morning paper, or sleeping and get where you want to go in a safe, luxurious, affordable environment of your liking.

How does it work?

The car owner would be offered a certain number of “master” and “minor” keys, depending on the household, for a monthly registration of around 500$ per month. Once a key is activated, a unit will be headed to the location of the key owner, which is identified by its proximity to one of the car poles, and lowered to the floor level. The master key owner controls the destination and sporadic stops using an integrated GPS as well as a simple control either inside the vehicle or online, while a minor key holder can only choose one of previously identified destinations, thus restricting the mobility of underage users.


-This transportation system is an electric one. Additionally, the connection between each pole is lined with vertical axis wind turbines (the design of such mini-turbines depends on a previous study for urban turbines and how to increase their yield at low wind speeds).

- This is the first transportation system that can safely be used by minors and allows to keep in touch with them while on route through the installed camera, microphone and TV.

- The luxury offered in this vehicle extends to providing WIFI and electric plugs, thus allowing the use of any electric device such as laptops; it also includes a vending machine for hot and cold beverages and small snacks, in an AC controlled environment.

- Flexible sitting arrangements can be transformed into a double bed thus allowing for long drives and small trips.

- The poles can be installed with minimum interference with daily traffic. The network can start with major lines connecting suburban areas with the downtown through a series of strategic stops (metro stations, major shopping areas, schools… etc.) and potentially expand with the customer base eventually connecting cities.

- Building an unmanned vehicle was confronted by the number of uncertainties in a regular driving environment (streets signs, lanes, moving cars, pedestrians and street lights) by lifting the traffic on a second level exclusive to this type of vehicles the variables reduce to the destination and the number of units passing through, thus it offers a safe and easy control using a simple computer system that operates and directs the vehicles, this service can extend to include other potential areas such as home delivery, postal services and personalized tours.


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    I am inspired by everyday problems, specially those that fly under the radar of big companies in spite of the obvious need for a solution. Mostly I believe the future needs to put the issue of energy generation, transportation and storage to rest and that the answer might well be in the micro domain rather than the mega watt one,
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