Cosmic Airplanes (Spacecraft), Sub-Orbital Salvage

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An innovative solution for the cosmic airplanes (spacecraft), for the sub-orbital salvage vehicles and also for the high speed airplanes, for all flying vehicles which necessitate a compact and robust body – atmospheric reentry (returning body) – at great altitudes and speed, respectively a maximum surface of wing spread and prolongation when landing.

As visible in drawing nr.1, the body of the vehicle is decisive as being optimal at the return, according to the specialists in the field, it has, in addition, completely retractable (folding) wings; on the extremities of these wings are placed the dynamic surfaces (wings) which are resistant to high temperatures, being able to be oriented towards interior in the incipient phases of the return and which during the landing maneuvers are supposed to also have an additional role of ailerons as well as of aerodynamic brakes.

The foldable wing is made of resistant material and does not need flaps or ailerons, is much superior to “Rogallo Wing” due to its mechanical resistance of the strut structure as well as of the progressive folding and unfolding, of the superior functionality through its exceptional maneuverability in any situation given by the entire surface of the wing: principally of the gradual extension of the sustaining surface as well as the inter-changeability of the faces, respectively the determination of the form and the amplitude of the curb of the profile.

The space occupied by the folding wing – as shown in drawing nr. 2 – is defined by the walls of the resistance structure of the interior compartment (of load) and that of the exterior wrap of the vehicle, the articulations of these wings do not differ substantially from those of fighter aircraft which have variable geometry; the wing and its components are not directly exposed to the heat solicitations during the atmospheric reentry phase, a fact which determines a simpler construction -- lighter and cheaper.

The production costs for such a vehicle are less than the present space vehicles due to the compact shapes of the body, a fact which reduces the exposed surfaces, thus eliminating entirely the rigid wings as well as the horizontal stabilizers (horizontals rudders), which heavily undergo to the solicitations and risks of accidents.


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