Light Sport Amphibian

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This is my concept of a "purely for fun" sea plane. Designed for open-air fun around the lake, it will be the aviation equivalent of a jet-ski. Use of much carbon fiber, spars of prefabricated carbon pultrusions, 100 h.p. pusher engine, and floats with conventional (4-wheel) retractable gear. The "floatwing" concept (airfoil surface which acts as struts to floats) can actually enhance lift, allow for some stall resistance of the main wing, block spray from reaching the propellor, and provide for a means of climbing into the cockpit.

Designed to comply with the Light Sport category of aircraft, which can be operated by properly trained pilots who are licensed to drive a car.


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    Harry Manvel
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    X-Plane, Solidworks, CorelDraw
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