ElectriLite PersTranSys

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A personal transportation system designed to move 2 people locally with power stored in batteries, produced from pedal generators and on-board solar panels. The ElectriLite weighs 300 pounds and is designed to be produced in communities and facilitated by internet connection where advances in design and component purchases can be coordinated. Target price is ~$3000

ElectriLite Design Highlights are:
~ Vehicle control and functions are all managed by a 32 bit microcontroller and a Netbook style personal computer via USB2 and runs on open source software.
~ Vehicle is powered by 2 PMBLDC front wheel hub motors of 8 hp peak/90% efficiency using NdFeB magnets in a computer optimized design of 90%+ efficiency,
~ Front end is equipped with 2 shock absorbers and a steering damper as linear motors that may be commanded to conditions best for handling and assisted steering.
~ Springing is pneumatic and adjustable for asymmetrical loading by an air pump.
~ Lighting is all led with logic control at point of use. Lights conform to DOT standards.
~ Safety is enhanced by air-bag seat belts and side seat air bags.
~ Construction is .125 aluminum bulkheads with 1.25” aluminum tubing (5 tubes front to back and 2 tubes as cross connected roll bars) and a .04” thick riveted bottom shell. Tubing and bulkheads are formed with simple fixtures using commercial pipe benders,
~ Roof/windscreen is a single polycarbonate sheet heat formed in place and coated with both hard and hydrophobic coatings to keep the windshield clean...Emergency visibility is via front and rear video cameras viewed through the control computer display. The polycarbonate cover is also a basis for covering lightweight solar panels for significant contribution to vehicle propulsion energy.
~ On-line documentation web site provides information to maintain and upgrade vehicle and participate in improving the vehicle and software.

Performance specifications:
Maximum gross weight – 700#, Max speed – 45mph, Range with 42V/2.4 kwh lead acid batteries and no pedaling/or solar - 40 miles, Grade traverse – 30 degrees.

With a fully functional vehicle as a computer peripheral the options for sustainable use are limited primarily by the imagination land skill of the user. Exercise can be prescheduled and controlled via the controller and pedal generators improving fitness by using normally sedentary time. Smart vehicle features such as interval control, steering assistance, drive-by-wire, inter-vehicle communication, and partial autonomy are only a program away.

The ElectriLite concept offers a fast path to energy sustainable local transportation. By decentralizing the bulk of vehicle assembly we would enhance our communities by eliminating fuel poisons in our air and dramatically improving community cash flow by doing it locally. The ElectriLite concept is surely a part of our sane energy future.


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