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Since its early days, the invention of the car changed the way human life was conceived. Distances were shortened, traveling was more comfortable and year after year technological development went further on in order to improve them. Engines, fuel, pieces and accessories are part of the infinite list of car components that evolve year after year making easier day to day transportation.

Among parts and accessories we find tires, those rubber toroids that allow transforming the engine’s power into movement. More than 100 years after the invention of cars, we cannot imagine a car without tires but…How much have they evolved compared to other components? Is it possible to take the development of tires to the next level? We think it is possible thanks to the next generation of tires based on Magneto-Spheres.

What are the Magneto-Spheres?
The Magneto-Spheres are the next generation tires based on the attraction and repulsion of magnets. Pieces of permanent magnet of Neodymium with curved hexagonal and pentagonal shapes are arranged in such a way that, helped by a spherical cage of holder cells, create a magneto sphere; just like a bucky ball (fullerene) or a football, also the sphere will be covered by a protective layer of rubber. Apart of this it is important to point out that all of the magnets have their north poles pointing outwards. Additionally to the original sphere there will be a semi sphere above it, this semi sphere will be created in the same way as described above but the north poles will point inwards resulting in a high repulsive force between the sphere and the semi sphere. To assure the sphere’s movement a ring of electrical engines is situated below the sphere. These motors will be powered by a central battery located in the car.

The Magneto-Spheres enhance a new world of possibilities in the automotive business, allowing the preservation of well-known and approved systems such as the all-wheel drive performance. One of these improvements is the elimination of the car suspension system thanks to natural suspension mechanism provided by the repulsive fields of the Magneto-Sphere. This innovation will allow users to have a more comfortable trip and end the expensive and annoying visits to the garage.

Another remarkable capability of the Magneto-Spheres is the fact that the can rotate 360 degrees on their own axis. This will improve users handling and reduce the car turning radius, parking will be easier and what is more important rollovers will disappear thanks the 360º rotation.

Perspectives and future.
Magneto-Spheres are a solution to the existent lag in tires development; they are a real and a proactive solution that uses existent technologies. The next generation of tires is in front of us and we only need to take them to next level to witness their benefits.

Attention: We do not attempt to create a magnetic monopole that is why the pieces are separated by a small distance between one another.

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