DCD Controller for Fuel Saving Retrofitting

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DCD stands for Dynamic Cylinder Deactivation, the latest fuel saving technology for internal combustion engines. Traditional cylinder deactivation started in the 1970s, and has been verified and proven over 30 years. But it has never been made into an aftermarket retrofitting product until now.

DCD deactivates all the cylinders inside the engine alternatively, dynamically and in a way of keeping thermal balance and mechanical balance between cylinders while keeping best engine overall torque balance. As a result, all the cylinders inside the engine would be working in an intermittent mode, being activated and deactivated alternatively. It is totally different from traditional cylinder deactivation solutions that seal cylinder valves. DCD also makes engine displacement variable.

"DCD Controller" is an electronic control kit for aftermarket automotive engine retrofitting. It applies DCD control patterns to existing engines. DCD Controller could bring some 5% to 18% fuel savings to the vehicles right after the installation. Payback time will be less than one year for professional vehicles like taxi or livery (private vehicle may be longer). It could become the most affordable and most effective fuel saving solution. To close fuel control loop under DCD control, wideband oxygen sensor(s) must be used to replace the regular oxygen sensor(s).

Features of DCD Controller: Small in size, light in weight, low power consumption, easy to install, high reliability, long service life and highly compatible to existing engines. Convenience to use and flexible to handle, easy to operate with multiple adjustable control levels. DCD control duty can be switched on or off, be tuned high or low according to the driving requirement, as to obtain the best suitable engine displacement, as well as to best match the engine power with different driving conditions. DCD control can be cancelled at any time, so as to recover the original engine performance, which will be absolutely guaranteed, along with the original vehicle acceleration.

User benefits of DCD Controller: Saving fuel, reducing the expense for fuel. Saving energy while reducing engine emissions. Extending engine service life. One time investment to install will yield life time enjoyment of fuel savings and life time benefit of money saving. Very high performance to price ratio, along with shorter investment payback time than other fuel saving technologies.

The attached photo shows the overview of a DCD-440 Controller Kit. This is the first DCD product designed for 4-cylinder engines. It has been completed and installed on a passenger car with a 4-cylinder 16-valve 1.6L gasoline engine and automatic transmission for test driving. During engine idle mode, the fuel saving is from 12% to 15%; during stop-and-go city driving mode around the street block, the fuel saving is from 10% to 13%; and during 30 MPH constant-speed driving mode, the fuel saving is from 8% to 11%.

Further, the DCD Controller can be made to fit various engine configurations and cylinder numbers. DCD Controller will have great aftermarket potential as long as internal combustion engine exists. OEM’s may integrate DCD technology into their products someday as before-market solutions.


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