Railways on the Road

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In the near future I would like the see the significant decrease/elimination of the use of gasoline. I also would like to see the transportation of people become safer. And decrease the car accident total to almost nothing.

The solution? The use of magnetic railway-like mechanics embedded in the road itself. Cars could then, using GPS, essentially drive themselves and eliminate manual driving, since the cars would be on the magnetic railway. It would quench the use of gasoline and avoid collisions on the road. With less gasoline on the road it would also be one large step towards a greener world.


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    Miles Christophe
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    i would like to see in the future the use of magnetic railing along roads, so that cars can essecially drive themselfs, eliminate the use of gasoline, and decrease the accident toll dramatically. all that would be needed would be a gps in each car, so tha
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    seeing the fact that gas prices continue to go up. and that their are millions of car accidents each year.
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