Bicycle Crank System with Dead Spot Elimination

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This system is designed to eliminate the dead spot and enable the user to gain increased stroke power, thus also increasing the speed of the bicycle.

It is compose of a pair of crank arms of an obtuse configuration; each crank presents an orifice, located at the middle part of the crank’s vertex, that when connecting to the spindle allows them to integrate from left to right. These orifices' function is to work as attachment and leaning point for the crank arms. Each crank arm opposite to the pedal receptor presents another orifice that will integrate through another element to the spindle, which will exercise the effect of traction, thus the function of the crank.

The cyclist is always is looking for the lightest, strongest, and faster bicycles. Also, crank systems enable to save energy to find with a plenitude enjoyable bicycle momentum. Many inventors through the times, working in the key to resolve the “Dead Spot“ associated with the cranks systems. That dead spot is when the pedals are perpendicular to the floor, including when the pedal crosses this vertical imaginary line until almost 45 degrees, during this space the cyclist's energy wears away without any function.

But the optimal effectively is done when the pedal is pushing down parallel to the floor, in this position we observe another intrinsic bicycle crank system problem.

This problem is evidently because only on the right side exists the chain ring contrary on left side, for that reason in the moderns right crank arm, the chain ring base come in union in a single piece, making the system use less energy than the left crank arm in the same effort.

Demonstrated under engineering static analysis with a difference of 45.455%, case that not exist in this new system since are same physically and functionally, eliminating the dead spot in union with other mechanical advantages like, lever class, positive pendulum effect, negative pedal radial forces losses, positive angular acceleration, etc. also eliminating the knee injuries, cramps, and the asymmetry of the volume muscular of the leg associate to professional cyclist.

Can make in any manufacturing method, material, metal alloy, presentation any cross section and lateral configuration, also any size and bicycle segment, machines almost utilize one crank arm as well.

Definitely the cost to manufacture and sell doesn’t change from the system in the market actually.

The novel invention and prices will increase bicycle use worldwide.

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