Wheelchair (Welomaxx)

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This wheelchair is inspired by racing cars and skate boards and designed for children. As an alternative to traditional wheelchair, Velomaxx is powered by arms. Therefore, every child, even kids with a disability who can’t use his/her legs, can enjoy a sportive yet comfortable ride. I wanted to create a wheelchair design that will allow kids to live their dreams of being a pilot of a race car, airplane or feel like they are in a science fiction world.

Target Market:
The target market of this wheelchair is children of age 6 to 12 years. I want them to enjoy this wheelchair, feel the adventure and have fun. The children who have a disability to use their legs can also enjoy riding this bike safely and comfortably.

-self standing wheelchair on wide two wheels
-foam durable rubber wheels which are flat tire proof
-powered by arms, pulling - pushing the handle with arms to move forward-backward
-comfortable and protective seat
-steering ability by feet or body’s position like in skate boarding
-high strength kevlar belt instead of chain, therefore silent and more efficient smooth ride with less friction, no need for grease and or cleaning of the mechanism.

This wheelchair has two wide wheels, which serve to 2 different purposes: (1) the bike self stands and (2) perfectly holds the road like racing cars do. The children will therefore enjoy every moment of riding Velomaxx without any concerns of standing in balance on two wheels. The wheels are made of high density durable foam rubber so that the child doesn’t have to worry about flat tires. The handles consist of brakes and gear box with 5-speed. The child can easily shift gears by rotating the shift on the handle bar.

The seat post is comfortable and in the meantime it is very safe. On the contrary of traditional wheelchair, Velomaxx’s seat post protects the upper body of the user with help of aluminum frame integrated into the seat post. It protects child’s head and neck.

This wheelchair moves forward by controlling two separate handles: moving the handles back and forward. The movement of handle bars is similar to that of elliptical training equipment. The hands can be positioned on the handle bar in 2 different ways: parallel and 90 degree angle.


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