CoPilot Driving Aid

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The CoPilot is a simple device that detects and interprets the acceleration of a vehicle. The device is used to help train a driver to drive in a conservative manner. In efforts to reduce a vehicle's fuel consumption, one of the greatest factors is how a vehicle is driven. Fast acceleration greatly increases fuel consumption. But how do we know what is considered conservative driving?

How it works:

-Set up the CoPilot through your computer (USB access) and select the vehicle model and your type of driving. This calibrates the CoPilot to display acceptable driving behavior.
-Place the CoPilot on the dashboard of a vehicle. Either with a self-adhesive pad or window mount.
-No need to turn it on, as it activates once motion is detected.
-As you drive the vehicle, the CoPilot will show a steady-on GREEN, AMBER or RED visual light.
-GREEN means you are driving in an efficient manner.
-AMBER means your driving can be improved to reduce fuel consumption.
-RED means that you are driving too aggressively and the vehicle's fuel consumption is greatly increased.

Key benefits of the CoPilot:

-Internal 3-axis accelerometer detects acceleration of vehicle in 3-directions, and compares these values to a predetermined acceptable acceleration to obtain higher fuel mileage.
-Self powered through top-mounted solar cells and internal rechargeable batteries.
-Self activated by motion of vehicle. No need to turn it ON.
-Visually non-intrusive as you do not need to have it placed in direct line of sight. Peripheral vision is enough to see the CoPilot.
-Helps improve your driving habits in order to maximize your vehicle's fuel economy.
-Can be used on all types of vehicles.
-Studies have shown that aggressive driving can increase fuel consumption by over 100%. Even moderately quick driving can increase fuel consumption by over 20%.
-Great driving tool for new drivers.


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