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I propose to add hyperlinks to video content giving access to additional information about objects visible on the video frame. Hyperlinks and shape of active areas can be placed in auxiliary data of transport stream.

Each frame of the video or the sequence of frames have defined active areas and each active area have assigned hyperlinks pointing on source of additional information about object visible in active area.

Such solution can be used on devices equipped in pointing device like touch screen, mouse, touch pad or cursor keys.
Active areas can have rectangular or any other shape. They should be big enough to make pointing them with a finger easy (in case of touch screen equipped displays).

Devices able to use hyperlinks in video content should have implemented ability to show to the user which areas of the screen are active. It can be done by highlighting those areas or by drawing rectangular frame around the active object or by drawing a figure having roughly the same shape like an object. Activation of that function can be assigned to dedicated key, point on the touch screen or dedicated gesture.

User can activate the hyperlink by touching active area on the touch screen or by moving cursor to the active area and pressing activation key (e.g. left mouse key). Activation initiate opening another video or document or web page containing information about the object.

Except standard activation should be possible delayed activation (activation after user will finish watching the main content). User can select what is interesting him but wants to see it later. That function can be activated by for example longer pressing of touch screen or using another dedicated key (e.g. right mouse key).

Hyperlinks in video content can have educational meaning, and not only children can have benefit from using them.

Information pointed by hyperlinks can be accessed in Internet or can be stored on the same carrier with main content (e.g. DVD or Bluray).

Following devices can use hyperlinks in video content:
-TV Sets (Smart TVs)
-Set Top Boxes
-Game Consoles
-Media Players
-DVD Players
-Bluray Players
-PCs & MACs
-Smart phones


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