Next Generation Videos and Smart Advertisements: Watch it, Like it, Touch it, Have it

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Today we are living in a "touch world” where we enjoy Facebook and YouTube every day. We are more social than ever before, we watch the world through a camera. Let’s have a look at YouTube statistics: over 4 billion videos are viewed a day, over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube.

The basic purpose people watch video is to get information either for entertainment, for business or for anything, but the problem is that we get a very little information from a single video. Sometimes we want to know about a particular thing shown in a video but there is no way to know about that. We need a new video design or format where information about everything shown in a video is stored and retrieved.

Many organizations use video content for marketing purposes but their focus has been on the direct content of a video that are audio and visuals. They show the visuals and talk loud about their products. But with changing technology this method is getting old and attracts less people as people are getting busy and they don’t find time for such videos. So we need to find some creative ways of marketing and advertising. So here is the idea where a touch works better than the brand name itself, you can call it silent advertisement and I will explain it with an example

Suppose you are watching a video on your iPad that can be a song or a movie or anything else. Suddenly you saw a guy in the video wearing a nice shirt, you like that shirt, you pause the video, touch the shirt and it gives you all the information about that shirt, i.e. manufacturer, price, address, or an online link to that product where you can buy it online. Now imagine that everything you saw in a video has some information stored. You just need to touch it and the information will be available.

Applications and Benefits
Creative and sponsored advertisement for videos, more information available, quick learning. It will definitely improve the quality of products as it’s not the brand name it’s the product itself which will attract the customers. It is more sustainable as direct advertisement will decrease.

It’s better than the current system as now it's more time consuming, expensive and provides less information.

Video production and advertising companies can benefit from this idea, i.e film and drama industry, music industry they all can benefit from it.

Today we all know about tagging a picture, similar concept can be applied for video as it consist of frames. Each frame contains some products we just need to tag those products and store the information and links related to each product.

It is a new kind of video format and we need special video players to run it. It will reduce the cost of video making as well as advertising; also it will increase the sales and will provide people with more information.


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