Laser Guided Lane Indication GPS Peripheral

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This invention is a lane guiding addition to a modern GPS, directing the driver into the correct lane for navigation, without having to remove their eyes from the road.

Complex three, four and five lane highways (California, Texas, New York, DC come to mind), having major arteries that can merge from either the left or right, and exits with flying overpasses and other urban road convolutions, a challenge to even the best of drivers when they find themselves in unfamiliar territory with fast moving local traffic.
While voice prompts provide some relief from the ‘eyes off the road’ issue, knowing which lane to take is still a split second decision.

This invention utilizes a laser pointer mounted to a pan and tilt servo, placing a dot on the roadway a bit ahead as an indication to the driver of the lane they should be in. The device would be a peripheral to a GPS, although an embedded GPS module could be instantiated making it a totally standalone product. Approximation of lane location can be calculated, since GPS resolution is 10 feet, and the standard lane width in USA is 12 feet.

The unit can be simplified by only having pan motion, with the tilt level adjusted by the user via a friction mount.


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