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As per the federal government indoor air quality studies, it is determined the quality of air inside a home is up to 50 times more polluted when compared to outside air like in a park. The major reason for this, to contain the heat, the home is tightly insulated. All the chemicals/ fumes used to clean the house are entrapped. The dust particles build up in the air distribution duct work. We are supposed to clean the duct work at least once in a year. But most of us do not do it. Therefore, accumulated dust particles are circulating in the house. Cigarette smoking, pets hair/dandruff, fumes emitted by furniture, cooking process, bathroom cleaning chemical fumes all contributes to this pollution in an air-tight building.

Many people use 'stand alone' air cleaners to breath healthy air. Generally this has what is known as "Electronic Ionization Chamber." This consists of parallel fine copper wire which carries high voltage between them which are placed in close proximity. This high voltage electric field ionizes the air in between. One fan brings the dirty air from the room (sucking) to flow across ionization. All the organic materials like pollen, spores, etc. are zapped. The micron size inorganic dust particles coagulate and are deposited on a filter. Another fan pushes the clean air out of this stand alone air cleaner.

Even though this cleans the air, it has many drawbacks. First. It needs its own space. An electric wire connects this to an outlet. 2nd. It consumes greater amount of of electricity to operate the fans continuously. 3rd. The fans make noise. 4th. Its filter needs to be cleaned or replaced often. 5th. The structure containing fans is more expensive. The last major disadvantage is it does not clean the whole room. The air coming out of the device is clean. But you move away from this device then clean air mixes with the existing air, therefore the person is not breathing clean air all around the room.

Heavenly Air solves all these problems in one stroke. The electronic ionization chamber is located underneath the cover plate of the air vent (attached). This means the problem is attacked at the source. All the air coming through the air vent is cleaned. Further, our device does not need any fans. Because the forced air is coming through the vent, which passes through the ionization chamber & exits to the room. Hence, the energy requirement is minimum. No fans...no noise. Length of the wire is much shorter because generally air vents are located near the wall.

Heavenly Air does not require its own place. Absence of a separate tower containing fans makes this much cheaper to build. This contains parallel aluminum strips placed in between the fine copper wires where the coagulated dust particles are deposited. Running a vacuum once in a while cleans this. Most importantly, it cleans the whole room because it attacks the problem at the source where dirty air enters.


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