EED for 2012

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EED Primed for 2012 and The Future

Goal: To develop and use an energy methodology for transportation, e.g. aircraft and automobiles. Usage that would be cost effective, practical and dependable, allowing the particular transport to function much like a hybrid car except without the need for any fossil fuel engine. But it would allow the particular transportation method to operate with its petrochemical propulsion (jet, auto engines), or without thereby allowing the auto to be “driven” and an aircraft be “flown” safety.

Objectives: By using an electric energy device connected to an electric generator or the auto batteries’ output that could be powered by solar power. The device would give the aircraft industry a needed energy solution without the aircraft need to burn petrochemical fuel while still allowing the aircraft to operate “normally”. A solution that has yet to be made available for aircrafts. Hybrid autos currently allow both electric and gas powered engines to operate, meaning that they still require the use of petrochemical products such as gas and lubricating oil. However, this device will lower the overall usage of petrochemical products, especially since it would b able to operate the auto or aircraft without the need for an engine.

Activities: The electric energy device will be connected via an electric generator or auto batteries that would be powered by solar power. Scientific test results will be need to be performed and their results reviewed prior to placing the auto or aircraft into public usage. A major issue and concern is to test the device’s system sustainability to supply electrical energy to the device and the device’s resulting output strength, which is expected to be approximately 1-2 tons of force per device. A test system is to be tested using a test auto and aircraft to confirm experimental and computed data results for the device’s practical usage in transportation, e .g, auto or aircraft , but only after all testing has been successfully completed.

Products: An electrical energy device, measuring 12” square at its base and 12” high will be connected to an electric generator or batteries powered by solar power is expected to be easily installed into an auto or aircraft, allowing it to function much like today hybrid cars, except usage of the transport’s engine(s) would not be required, thereby allowing the owners of said auto or aircraft little or no fossil fuel, eg., gas or lubricating oil usage, fuel cost savings, as well as, some added operational safety, especially during severe weather conditions.

Outcomes: , The energy device unit will be specifically designed for an auto and aircraft that can be easily installed into an auto or aircraft without the need for their modification, thus allowing either to function much like they do normally today, thereby allowing auto and aircraft owners lower petrochemical usage and fuel cost savings, adding some operational safety. Impact of the device usage could result in a whole new form of land and air transportation while still maintaining the current system.


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