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The AVHIRAL 2.11 is composed of a computer system hardware, containing a protected memory, and a network firewall.

- 1) The usefulness of Avhiral, is a way to have a UTM at a relatively lower than conventional systems dedicated to a public career.

- 2) The use of Avhiral, the device has a 32 bit RISC processor which opens a lot of opportunity and power. The operation of Avhiral can receive packets from the web falling between the router and the central units, they are systematically treated and disinfected.

- 3) The Avhiral have an integrated firewall, which can be configured via the RJ45 Ethernet port with an admin panel, just as some routers by a local IP address.

- 4) The separate antivirus and firewall will only be configured on the LCD control, update etc.. This will secure an internal program of the virus. The updates will be fully encrypted and decoded by a private key, the updates will be handled directly by the core of the virus.

- 5) Using the USB part: the Avhiral can be started as a boot USB key analysis, it is possible to control all of the hard disk unit center outside of Windows. Usefulness of the second Avhiral, analysis of memory sticks, CD-ROM, DVD, may have perfectly integrated into Windows. This will analyze the slightest flaw on corrupted USB drive or DVD.

- 6) last use of the device, may at any time have the link Avhiral, eg you can very well incorporate a license encrypted with a complex algorithm. All this little afford protection against piracy of license generator. How the user will renew its license, directly through the LCD menu redemption license. License enforcement against piracy, some software in various sectors use a serial number. Through the Avhiral the license is fully protected (TDES/AES-256 clef change in real time), and only opened by a private key embedded in the device

This new version V2.11 AVHIRAL allows full mobility and security on site or away. It includes a wireless module with security to WPA or WPA2. You can perfectly tune into it any wifi access point unsecured and protect your entire system. The unit's power is unique in the USB port and totally independent. It was added a touch screen for faster configuration simpler and more evolved.



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