Get Rid of Pesky Zero Offsets

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The MEAS Model 140 inline DC amplifier module is an advancement in sensor signal conditioning.

Measurement Specialties'patent pending technology allows users to get rid of those pesky zero offsets from their pressure transducer, load cell, or accelerometer locally or remotely - right before you start taking data. Finally, the zero means zero reference. As a result, one can now apply more gain to the sensor output for maximum signal to noise ratio without wasting voltage span in the data acquisition front end. The amplifier module offers five manual gain settings from 10x to 200x, with gain accuracy of ±0.5% and bandwidth to 100kHz. It weighs 33 grams and small enough to fit inside your palm.

Operators can actuate the auto zero function remotely or they can press an on-board button prior to taking data. Connections to the sensor and data acquisition hardware are through commonly available connectors.


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