Conformal Flush Mount Slot Antenna

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This invention proposes a conformal flush mount slot antenna, which can be positioned on an arbitrary shaped surface and the “backing cavity” of the antenna can be adapted to a practically any space available. The antenna can be classified as a slot antenna with a backing cavity but unlike a well known slot antenna with a reflector plate or a slot antenna backed by a waveguide resonator this antenna operates on different physical principles. The antenna backing cavity can be made non uniform in longitudinal and transversal directions. The cavity body can be partitioned into narrow strips and each section’s shape can be adapted to available space. The backing cavity, with plurality of gaps and windows, effectively blocks radiation in the backward direction. The antenna is balanced wideband and highly efficient.

Slot antennas are known for a strong mutual coupling effect between slots which significantly complicates design of large antenna arrays. The proposed design exhibits different dispersion characteristics of a single antenna and the mutual coupling can be effectively used in an array design.

The drawings illustrate the front view of the antenna with a backing cavity - non uniform in the longitudinal direction and the rear side view of the antenna with partitioned cavity.

For more information visit the US PTO web site. Patent: 8120543


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