A Better Way to Text and Touch-Type

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Get the full power of QWERTY input without QWERTY by allocating all keystrokes directly onto the tips of our fingers. A single press for ten letters, shift a thumb for eight letters more, shift the other thumb for the last eight letters. Hold one finger and press another and have 100 simple keystrokes without moving your hands, just the tips of your fingers!

Now you can type accurately without looking, on a small device with a simple, universal interface. Type while walking or laying in bed, and stop looking at a keyboard.

This is an actual product that we have been working on that will allow people to touch-type on phones and tablets or any device that uses Bluetooth or USB. It is designed to be used with all ten fingers or as few as two and anything in between. "it Types" one-handed, left or right, so you can keep a mouse (or sandwich) in the other hand. A safer way to text because with only ten keys, you don't need to look at the keyboard. Type on the back of a phone or with your hand in a pocket rather than poking a touch screen with tiny little buttons.

Laws ban texting and punish users but this technology can make text input safer and easier so lives may be saved and persons with disabilities will have better access to computing. Every keystroke is provided including cursor keys and all symbols. You get the full keyboard experience from a device the size of a deck of cards, soon to be built in the USA. The same interface could be added to a cell phone case, a game controller, an ATM and more.
I encourage you to watch our video and than Google search in10did to learn more, watch videos and see how everything is provided.

We are creating the future and really appreciate your vote of endorsement! Help us make this technology available to who need assistance and to those who are ready to let QWERTY go!


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    Video Production, Inventing, mechanics, wearable and mobile computing.
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    Usability. The goal is accessibility and expanded capabilities for the able and disabled. To do more with less and improve mobile experiences. To this end, I've developed a new one-handed keyboard to Simplify the interface between Man and machine and help improve ergonomics with the DecaTxt., the IN10DID way to type.
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