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Mentis, or "mind" in Latin," is the future of information transferring technology. Just as the computer and the internet giving the world access to all knowledge known to man revolutionized humanity once, Mentis would revolutionize the world again by making this knowledge accessible to anyone at the speed of thought. Utilizing neurological messages sent from the brain that deal with sentence formation and thought, small receivers would translate these messages into commands just as a mouth would to talk.

These commands will be as easy to process and edit as it would be to observe something and critique it. The user would merely think something as simple as: "Mentis, how do I get from where I am to the nearest grocery store?" Mentis would then display the question asked on a small screen such as glasses, a watch, a phone, etc. and wait for confirmation. Once the user has confirmed his thought, Mentis would then execute the search, and almost instantly resolve the issue at hand by accessing the GPS feature on the user's phone and getting directions via Google Maps.

Many portable devices and cellphones offer speech-recognition control that often results in errors from misinterpretations; however, Mentis would be as accurate as the user is at thinking. There are specific messages sent from the brain to the mouth when pronouncing a certain word, therefore Mentis would recognize this command and select the word correlated with it. There would be no errors due to sound interference or microphone reliability.

Not to mention the endless possibilities achievable with this technology. A user could easily become a 4G hot-spot and have access to the internet from anywhere on the planet. Text messages could be sent to friends during movies without disturbing other viewers. Even more serious matters such as covert operations in the military could be enhanced by the ability to share thoughts between troops rather than speaking.

In science fiction, people with this ability are called psychics, but this power could be realistically achievable using neurological technology that is rapidly advancing. Cyberdyne, a Japanese robotics company developing a robotic suit known as HAL, uses this idea to regulate the natural motor functions of the human body. Another company is developing the technology needed to achieve my idea. Their product, Audeo, reads the thoughts of a user to execute very basic commands. What I aim to accomplish is to expand the abilities of the 10% of our brain that we use to be able to achieve any goal at the speed of electricity coursing through our brains.

The possibilities are endless, and businesses of all fields would likely invest in a device that can improve our social lives, work lives, and military lives. Even typing this entry could be accomplished in half the time or less simply by thinking of what I want to say. This took me nearly 10 minutes to type, how long would it take you to read? That's how long it would take Mentis to accomplish any task.


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