Chiral Storage and Processing Device

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Electromagnetic Waves offer an infinite amount of storage space in small cavities with the help of chiral medium, mirrors and transceivers.

Visible, MW, RF wave spectrum can be utilized as storage and signal processing/computing medium.

Chiral cavity can have multi-layers, mirrors and or circular fiber.

Injection and reading of multi-quadrature keyed signals require advanced parallel processing controller, electronics, FPGA and transceivers.

Storage is realized by help of delaying and amplifying chiral medium in circular or mirrored slab box cavity form in order to replicate or rotate wave packets over certain time period.

Our design is analogous to good old days' rotating drums used for storage and processing. But in a different medium and size.

Signal processing can be made directly on the time-based-rotating wave drum bits. Terahertz processing cycles will be easily achieved.

We are working on a prototype and expect to present alpha unit by the end of 2013 as proof of concept.

This technology will help Turkey and other developing countries to manufacture their own very low cost supercomputers used for real-time medical, defense and database applications.

We are looking for funding to speed up our work!


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