An Advanced Energy Saver Project with DTMF Capabilities to Use Electricity Efficiently

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INTRODUCTION: A lot of electricity is wasted due to ignorance or fault of the user. Sometimes a person in the room turns on all the electric equipment which is of no use to them. As an example, suppose a person enters the hall or conference hall (where a large number of tube lights or fans are available). In the default scenario, all the equipment would be turned on which is just wastage of electricity. Or what if the number of people is not up to the capacity of the hall and all the equipment is being fed unnecessarily by the current. Also, what if all the people went out leaving the switches on, consuming the energy until someone sees and turns them off.

In this project what I have done is:

Count the no. of people present in the room and provide automation according to the number of people present inside.
Provide a remote control (DTMF) to the people inside which will allow them to choose which set of equipments to turn on for their comfortability.
Two Opto-Sensors have been used to sense the entry or exit of the people inside the hall.

Here, we have provided a password control for the authorized entry of the people inside the room. In case the wrong password is provided, the LCD displays an “UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY” to the gatekeeper (an alarm can be triggered), who will take the necessary actions.

Once the authorized entry is made, the counter starts counting the number of people going inside the room. The moment the count starts from one – first row lights and fans are turned on. This row is turned on until the count reaches 4. (This number is in accordance with the no. of seats in the first row).

When the count increases from 4 to 5, second row lights and fans are switched on. Similarly at 9, third row is on.

In a similar fashion, the count decreases also. If the count decreases to 8, the third row is turned off. If it becomes zero then all the switches are turned off. Thus automation takes place according to the no. of persons.

DTMF control is provided for the peope willing to change their seats according to their comfort. The lights can be controlled by the mobile.

Keypad numbers actions

> 1 Row1 lights on

> 2 Row1 lights off

> 3 Row2 lights on

> 4 Row2 lights off

> 5 Row3 lights on

> 6 Row3 lights off


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