Energy Saving Air Conditioning Thermostat

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An innovative air conditioning thermostat has been designed to use natural evaporation to reduce operating costs while increasing comfort.

There are currently two main types of air conditioner thermostats on the market today. Each has its drawbacks. The constant temperature with differential cycles the air conditioner on and off in response to the room temperature. It is locked in to either too cold or too hot, waste energy or decrease comfort. The setback thermostat is basically a constant temperature with a timer where other temperatures can be set on a programmed basis. It has the same problems only multiple times. The thermostat described here uses the latest in technology to far surpass any thermostat on the market today.

The thermostat is fully programmable to control any existing air conditioning system on the market. It can be a direct replacement of an existing unit or a new installation. Control of temperature is enhanced by adapting to its environment with the following features; voice recognition, fingerprint identification, video, and artificial intelligence.

The temperature displayed in very large numbers in color indicates red for hot, yellow for medium and green for cool. The display as well as the adjustment buttons do not relate to the real temperature. The voice recognition recognizes key words and the difference in tonal qualities between males and females. Fingerprint identification insures security and tracking use. Video identification allows system reaction before adjustments are made. Artificial intelligence allows adaptation of functions in an integrated way to accomplish the desired cooling effect.

The intelligence programmed in the thermostat attempts primarily to control the air conditioner to an “off” mode as the most energy saving possible then to the highest setting possible. When the unit powers up it waits until a lower temperature button is pressed. The system runs indicating falling temperature until there is no one in front of it. It continues to run for a time listening for key words that may extend the time then shuts down. If the system has been off for a time and someone comes in front, it starts. If the decrease temperature button is also pressed the cool to temperature may be lower than the last cycle temperature as long as the proper fingerprint authorizes this action. Key words to indicate action may include, hot, warm, freezing, and maintenance or no words to indicate an empty space. Male tonals do not have as much weight as female. With this much information on a continual basis the sequence of control becomes proactive rather than reactive.

The comfort level is increased by the continual increase in temperature then cooling to evaporate moisture from the skin generating a greater cooling effect. To improve the effectiveness larger and nosier air handling units could be installed to improve mechanical evaporation and indicate that the thermostat and system are working. Who says you cannot fool Mother Nature.


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