Laser and Rail Gun Continuous Power

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Flywheel research at NASA and BOEING and other places are proving that this energy storage has arrived.

When weapons are used as energy or particle accelerators, one major problem has been to get sufficient burst energy to fire and then to be able to fire successive shots. For Rail Guns batteries and capacitors typically supply the energy. For LASERS we pump diodes and use Deuturium Floride and other horrible concoctions which are typically large and cumbersome and expensive.

A very high speed flywheel can solve these issues. We can extract energy from flywheels inductively without having to recharge them other than continuously supplying a kicker to get te speed back up when it is tapped.

Getting it up to speed is the issue. Once it is near maximum designed speed and we extract energy, a small engine can restore the peak power to the system. This means that once at speed, we can continue to maintain the energy with a small gas or diesel engine of a few horsepower instead of needing to continuously tap the energy of the system that got it spun up in the first place.

Flybird systems is using flywheels in racing cars to give them near instantaneous bursts of energy.

The same technology can be applied to powering directed energy and particle weapons and rail guns.

I propose funding to explore practical existing technologies to supply the tremendous burst reservoir approach to these issues.

Thank you Bob Sommer


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