Unified Computing Processing Unit (UCPU)

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The increasing technological developments have called for increasing production of equipment governed by micro-processors and micro-controllers as part of the strategy of counting. In the field of micro-processor RISC & CISC technologies are the bases for the development of any calculation involving equipment such as PCs, Smartphones, ATMs and any embedded computing. However, each technology has advantages and disadvantages relative to each other, and wherein each offering different developmental models and unsupported.

We present a conceptual model of micro-processing integrated into a single system both technologies RISC & CISC within the same package (UCPU), allowing integration of current developments and future of both worlds, but allowing developers of hardware and software one encoding inter -compatible, this will ensure more and better levels of security, as well as improvements in the time of development and commercial implementation.

The basic principle lies in virtualization startup, the System virtualization has a base element and common interpretation of individual RISC & CISC, and one or more elements of each technology according to the design criteria of each manufacturer or developer, but with identifiers unique and themselves (UTI) defined from a standard (like MAC address but a higher level of 48 or 96 bits). From here the UCPU identify each device associated with the printed card (printed or flexible) as codified set by the manufacturer.

Within UCPU be implemented DSPs that perform specific treatment and lessen the workload of processing RISC & CISC own. It is also intended that each has an associated RAM disk cache to tasks each RAM only.

This concept UCPU will have greater responsibility (master) in integration with peripherals such as vision systems, cameras, etc., and further decrease processing times as they will act as intelligent slaves through its UTI.

UCPU will be a new paradigm for intelligent solutions such as medical monitoring, personal communication (nowadays smartphones), development of intelligent lighting interconnected to each other and vehicular traffic monitoring and decision making in real time, development of devices and implements for security and defense more secure, reliable and trustworthy. Moreover, it also allows current operating systems are still used, but as UCPU applications growth, operating systems also will be achieved much more "operational" with coded more functional and functions more extended and reduced in size.


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