Augmented Reality for Field Services

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My proposal is for the implementation of an augmented reality network for technical field workers based on a combination of technologies. Components from makers such as, Google, Vuzix, Tektronix, Agilent, and others are currently being used or they are being researched.

This system will use through-view augmented reality eyewear and data acquisition devices interfaced to an Android device running a Java application. The system will communicate over the 4G cellular network with servers running applications linked to Comsol simulations to provide real time visual cues and labels to field technicians about the systems they are servicing.

The field technician will see video labels that describe the function of each component as well as its current status. The tech will also be able to hear and see directions from the servers or a supervisor.

Data in the form of voltages, waveforms, and status information gathered by probes, or entered directly by the tech, will be gathered and analyzed by the system and displayed to the tech in the AR display. The system will direct the technician to place probes, change settings, and operate the system as needed to establish a base picture of the systems status and direct the technician towards a solution to the systems faults.

An engineer or advanced experience technician will be able to supervise eight or more field technicians from the base of operations, and if needed can intervene and assist any of the technicians at any time.

This system will allow less experienced lower pay scale personnel to be highly effective in the field, while conserving the use of highly skilled, highly paid personnel.

Cost savings for field service operations using this system are potentially astronomical. In addition, reduction in costs may allow field service that is not currently economically feasible.

A great deal of time effort and personal expense have gone into the development of this system culminating in my current push to create a working prototype.


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