Vibratory Cavitation Piston Pumps

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The vibratory cavitation piston pumps (VCPP) are intended for moving and spraying solutions and aggressive liquids.

It is remarkably that the VCPP technology was opened, studied and patented in the USSR more than 30 years ago by Grigori Lishanski, PhD. A number of vibrating pumps were registered as “vibrating pumps of Lishanski."

Further, based on results of our long-term research in the USA, the second generation of VCPP have been created with technical possibilities (productivity, pressure, reliability and profitability ) considerably extended. For example, the specified technology has allowed us to create pumps which swing and spray liquids in broad range of viscosity: water and water solutions, aggressive liquids, oils, or liquid soap The conducted research showed that the joined action of vibration and cavitation is a motive power for mixing two or more liquids and the mechanical activation of chemical processes in the mixture. This method may be a promising way to create new substances.

The VCPP provide essential advantages listed below over classical piston pumps for moving and spraying liquids and other applications.
1. Simple and cost effective manufacturing from various materials including plastics.
2. There is no necessity to use the air compressor, valves, springs or other wearing parts.
3. In working reservoirs the fluid pressure corresponds to the atmospheric pressure.
4. Pumps drive is economical and consumes 25% less energy.
5. Safely pumping aggressive liquids (concentrated acids, alkali, and etc.) and taking proportioning probes of those.
6. A wide range of the pumps productivities (flow rates from 3 ml/sec to 200ml/sec and more; pressures from 5 PSI up to 350 PSI).
7. Safety and productivity of jobs dealing ,with spraying sanitary liquids for handling plants or civil and military-oriented objects (chemical protection, deactivation of people, etc.).
8. Effective for farms irrigation in the agriculture industry
In the given work two models of skilled VCPP samples are presented: a manual variant (Fig.1) and a mobile variant (Fig.2).
A manual variant of the VCPP have operating parameters:
-Productivity 1700 ml/h.
- Pressure up to 350 PSI

On the web site: you can see more information about VCPP technology.

The potential use of the VCPP technology

1. Chemical industry and scientific laboratories.
2. Transportation of viscous oils, liquid soaps, lotions.

3. Micro- and mini pumps for cooling electronic chips.
4. Medicine: devices for metering, disinfection of premises, preparation of medical cocktails, artificial blood circulation, flushing out of blood vessels, and many other applications.
5. Perfume development and production in devices for manufacturing emulsions of essential oils and water with the concentration of water up to 60%.
6. Agriculture: In devices for spraying plants, in devices for sanitary machining of plants and a premise of poultry plants, the cattle and equipment maintenance.
7. In devices for sanitary, chemical and radiation cleaning and protection of people,
buildings, cars and other civil and military objects.

8. In devices (engines) for more efficient combustion of fuels.
9.In devices for development and production of alternative aspects fuels.



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