Early Warning Tracker System

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Today we find smoke detectors being made mandatory on all commercial and residential buildings, but they only provide immediate local warning for an existing fire or the presence of smoke. Furthermore, beyond the warning given, they form no other function for the First Responders that attend and attempt to save lives and property.

The proposal here is for a device already invented, to be added to any existing smoke detector currently being made,that acts as a location specific advanced warning device that can receive from the local E911 center any advanced warnings that may need to be issued to the office or home. Further more the device with an intelligent radio concept, can be activated from street level by a Fire Truck or Emergency Response vehicle, to immediately link to all other units within that home or office building and track the position of any person within that structure giving the First Responder the immediate location of anyone trapped in that building.

Volume sales is the key to lower costs and this product could be made for immediate add-on to any current smoke detector, not needing any direct communications channel to any other device. Audible alerts could also be added giving user specific and location specific instructions in time of an emergency.


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