Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider Fusion Ignition Micro Fusion Power Board

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I would like to submit a 3D CAD rendering of a micro fusion power board for use in space vehichles that can travel beyond light speed. In order for that to ocurr I am proposing that a micro fusion power board array be created with a micro heavy ion collider or particle beam ignition system be used so to ensure that the miro fusion power board will work at light speed and beyond as the current designs of fusion reactors have 2 problems and will not work at post light speed velocities.

The first problem is they all use lasers to ignite the fuel for the reactors and second they presently have field instability problems which cause uncontrolled shutdown when the magnetic feild becomes unstable. This design of fusion reactor would be an array of smaller fusion reactors on large boards plugged into a bank like a capacitor bank at a normal power company yard exept this bank of micro fusion power boards would be started and stopped at controlled intervals while the elctricity they produce would be stored by capacitors this on and off of the fusion power boards working would work like an internal combustion engines firing order so to speak al controlled by computer which would also allow for the boards to be taken off line and changed while the rest of the array of fusion power boards would continue to fire allowing for repair time while the system still produces power without down time .

The illistrations in the attached file should be veiwed in the quality rendering mode and spun 360 degrees to observed the design rough illustration. This was drawn in Turbo CAD 9.

I can supply a Turbo CAD 9 illistration upon request.

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