Magnetic Conveyor (FERMAG) Transforms the Energy of Static Magnetic Fields into Mechanical Energy

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This system, completely innovative and original, is the normal evolution of a series of machines that, using the principle of interference of static magnetic fields, including the paternity claim, can be used to produce mechanical energy.

The structure of these machines is such that you can only use static magnetic fields generated by permanent magnets and therefore without any external energy during operation. In order to better clarify such document please note the terms of definition that will come later on:

FERMAG is the conventional name given to the equipment that, as indicated in the title, is the object of the patent;

TURMAG conventional name given to the theory and the device and myself with Italian patented n° AP2007A000006 of 06.03.2007;

MAGNETE magnetic field generator (permanent magnet or electromagnet) (table n° 1);

UGCM magnetic field generation unit (component consists of a magnet coupled with a MAG-SHIELD)(table n° 1);

URCM units receiving the kind of magnetic field (component consisting of a metal alloy with high magnetic permeability) (table n° 1);

MU METAL metal alloy with high magnetic permeability ? or (hence the name), made up primarily of 80% Ni , 14.48% Fe , 5% Mo , 0.5% Si , 0.02% Cu.

MAG-SHIELD magnetic field screen (component consisting of MU METAL and/or metal alloys and/or equipment with equivalent properties) (table n° 1);

GAP on Z axis distance between the ELEMENT A “PULLED” e the ELEMENT B ” PULL” (table n° 2);

ELEMENT A “PULLED” set of URCM willing to jointly form the mobile part (or possibly the fix part) of FERMAG;

ELEMENT B “PULL” set of UGCM willing to jointly form the fix part
(or possibly the mobile part) of FERMAG;

N UGCM number and/or number of URCM comprising the fixed and mobile part of the FERMAG (table n° 2).


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