Greasing Device for Railway

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This is a presentation of new Railway Greasing devices for noise reduction and prolonging material Time – Life – Cycle as well as train wheel & track.

The Thin_Greasing_Device – High_Speed – ( in following text TGD-HS ) is in a basic modular design which is able to use as well as standard greasing devices in-side of track and as out-side greasing devices for track-head-greasing (contact surface among track & train wheel).

High Speed :
– suitable for cargo trains ( speed ca. 22 m/s ) and travelling trains ( speed ca. 55 m/s )

The TGD-HS is built from four main parts:

1. GB - Greasing Blades
2. UC - Universal- Carrier - (for carrying GB )
3. TUMS - Track Universal Mounting System –( Attachment of GB & UC for track )
4. TGEB - Top Greasing Extended Blades –
( Extended GB Part - Head Greasing only)

The advantage of TGD-HS 16 Design:

- is suitable for 5 the most used track profiles
- is suitable for as well as in-side & out-side greasing devices
- is possible to mount on every part of track (among sleepers, over sleepers,..)

2. UC
- is possible to attach as well as in-side as out-side of track
- has feature for quick exchange of GB without demounting UC or TUMS
(no need to during maintenance close or make slow train traffic)
(it is “ Two Man Assembling – One Man Maintenance)

3. GB
- is designed for quick exchange in UC.
- For better access of GB to train wheel crown – side of track head , GB has thickness of 2,5 mm

- Length of 300 mm from TGD-HS for better following of curve

- Longer greasing path on track through “ Chain – connection “ of TGD-HS as well in-side, as well outside of track.

- “Self Adjusting” of GB to track head ( only for in-side greasing ). To avoid lose contact of GB, through vibration and shaking, on track,
I was innovate “ Self Adjusting “ device.

- “Dual Greasing” – if greasing medium for in-side & out-side greasing devices is different , it is possible two different grease bring to track.

- is special, easy removeable part to provide greasing on track head
( out-side only )


Very simple but unique design, modular assembly system, chain connection,
Self-Adjusting, Quick exchange greasing blades, very flexible attachment system, Dual Greasing, friendly mounting, maintenance & spear parts system, drastic noise reduction in urban area, prolonging Time-Life-Cycle of material, TGD-HS would bring a “New Echo “ to Customers.

©Dinko ANTIC
Dr. Ignaz Webergasse 25/3/6
Guntramsdorf , 20-th MAY 2012


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