Support for Flat Monitor (Fades, Turning)

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This is my support system for retractable flat screen monitor room tables. Remember how disturbing the monitor on the table was during the meeting? My system includes a tubular support element (a rectangular development) which, on the one hand, has a plate for the attachment of a flat panel monitor and, on the other hand, allows the fixing of the cover (of material equal to that of the meeting table). This tubular element (a rectangular development) has the pins to rotate which engage in the slots formed on the sides of the lower protection. Two belt transmissions connect the electric motors (controlled by a frequency converter) to the pins of the rotating element. The electric motors, through belt drives, bring into rotation the support group of the flat panel monitor which, by rotating, iappears on the table. The motors are equipped with an amperometric transducer which, in case of overload, the system stops during the opening or closing. The cover integral with the support of the monitor is fixed with spring hooks which do not allow the cover, during the closing, to pinch the fingers. Simple, free table, splendid effect during the opening of all monitors simultaneously.


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    Alessandro Oltremonti
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    Screeners, vibrating separators, flows in pipes, vibration isolation,
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    bricolage, swimming, jogging, tennis
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    simplicity of construction, low production cost, reliability, safety, ease of maintenance, environmental sustainability
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    Autocad Inventor
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