Low Cost Cell Culture Bioreactors

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To produce bio-fertilizer from microbiological organisma involving bio-process equipment called Bio-reactors. The objective of this product is to produce a low cost bio-reactor.

Bio-reactor processes are described in the following sequences:
1. Cleaning Culture Tank with Disinfectant/Alcohol.
2. Filling Culture Tank with Culture Media.
3. Sterilizing Culture Media by steam jacket heating to reach a temperature of 121 degrees Celsius degree and hold in 15 minutes. Steam created from steam generator by electrical heating.
4. Cooling the media to ambient temperature by water cooling.
5. Filling microbiological organism to cell culture media.
6. Incubation process require free from contaminant aeration and stirring the media to reach homogeneous bio-process
7. After the incubation reaches the final condition, cultured cell is ready for use.

The improvement in this process is a simple, effective and efficient sterilization process using simple mechanical and process control automation, that consist of:
1. Installing one way valve/one direction valve in the steam pipe connection to ensure that steam is transferred from steam generator to steam jacket if the pressure from the steam generator is higher than the pressure in the steam jacket.
2. Installing a water level probe to maintain water quantity in steam generator in perfect volume for faster and autonomous steam generating process, and prevent manual refilling of water, visual checking of level, and maintain water level in upper top level of heater, to prevent heater damage.
3. The sensor temperature is attach on culture tank, so the process will iterated until 121 Celsius degree reach using simple temperature controller connected to electric heater.

Finally the cost of this bio-reactor is less than $6100 US.

The material used is stainless steel with glass wool as steam jacket thermal isolation. The volume of culture media is 40 Liters and the volume of water at steam generator is 13 Liters.
The installed heater is 6,600 Watts.


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