Hydraulic Bearing

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*All the weight of the axis spins on a hydraulic fluid, eliminating the need for metallic rollers.

*Works with a very low pressure due the great contact surface. Approximately 71 psi (5kgf/cm2).

*The fluid pressure causes the flotation and the equilibrium of the inner body of the bearing.

***New, non-obvious, useful (PCT/OMPI 2012).


1) Possesses 4 inner fluid reservoirs and 4 outer fluid reservoirs.

2) In each inner fluid reservoir there is a “T” shaped part.

3) The “T” shaped part, on the spin, sustains the axis being suported by the fluid.

4) The inner fluid reservoir is connected to a respective outer fluid reservoir by a duct, transferring the fluid pressure.

5) The outer fluid reservoir, for possessing a larger contact area than the inner fluid reservoir, sustains the axis causing the flotation and the equilibrium of the inner bearing body.

*The flow will be solved for a sealing system similar to the segmented rings system of the pistons of inner combustion engines, but without subdue to the high temperatures.

*The fluid that escapes and reaches the last seal undercut is sucked and pumped back to the reservoir, working in a closed circuit.

*Tabs, similar to the rail wheels, centers the inner body without sustain any weight.


*It is the most extreme simplicity system.

*The abrasion and the friction will be insignificant.

*It will possess great efficiency, durability and reduced maintenance costs.

*The production costs are equal or less than the conventional bearing, due the need of less material.

*Destined to axis which supports great masses and horizontally spins, such as those from the wind turbines, which the conventional system of bearings still generating high maintenance costs due heating besides the reduced efficiency due the friction.

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