Flex-Curve Conveyor

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Industrial conveying systems are used in many industries on production lines to convey many types of products such as cardboard boxes or plastic bottles. Typical conveyor systems consist of a moving chain or belt supported in a permanently mounted rigid frame with fixed guide rails to maintain product orientation as it flows down the conveyor. It is typically difficult and expensive to reconfigure a conveyor line layout once it has been assembled and installed. Until we invented the new Flex-Curve Conveyor it has been impossible to reconfigure a live operating conveyor line on the fly.

Our new Flex-Curve Conveyor Turn allows a conveyor turn to be easily reshaped into any angle between plus or minus 90 degrees. The Flex-Curve Turn can be swept through a full range of motion while conveying a product and the side guide rails automatically adjust their length maintaining a consistent width. Multiple Flex-Curve sections can be stacked to sweep thru any angle between plus and minus 180 degrees.

Our new Flex-Curve Conveyor allows for easy operator access through a conveyor line that previously required stairs and platforms to cross over.

Our new Flex-Curve Conveyor allows for an operating conveyor line to be re-routed to multiple down line operations without the need for cumbersome gates and additional permanent conveyors.

Our new Flex-Curve Conveyor allows a conveyor line to be easily customized and reshaped to allow it to be easily relocated and used on multiple production lines or easily reconfigured for future applications.


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