Automatic Pneumatic Air Gun

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Screw gun and torque meter are two different tools used for tightening screws and to measure the torque by which the screws are tightened. There are some places where the screw has to be tightened at a particular torque and beyond that it may wear the screw or even shear stress may damage the equipment. As an example: a screw has tightened at 85 N-M and it has to be checked with an torque meter if accidentally the meter has set for 70 N-M and the screw is checked. It shows as tightened so we got a delay of 10 N-M which may lead to wear of the screw and rupture of machinery. To avoid this we are designing a new pneumatic gun where the torque can be set at the beginning and the screw is tightened at a single stroke without any re-check and additional time. By approaching this method we can save lot of energy and human effort

1. As the air is passes through the pneumatic gun and it tightens the screw with a rotor attached to the shaft.
2. Here in our model we will regulate the air pressure and volume with respect to the torque.

Let us assume for 85 N-M torque we have to Send air from compressor at 40 PSI, so that it tightens accurately at 85 N-M
3. The air regulators are available in market easily and screw guns are available in work stations.
4. The procedure needs a calculation of pressure and torque relations which can be done through Analysis Software like COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS.

This tool has a large scope in the areas like space industry, Racing, Automobile and machinery where precision is more important than any other parameter.

The future modification of this product is to increase precision and to achieve zero clearance.


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