Simultaneous Production of Nanocarbon, Hydrogen, and Energy

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Simultaneous Production of Nano Carbon, Hydrogen and Energy


This process is based on compression of acetylene. When acetylene is compressed it explodes, generating thermal and mechanical energy and decomposes to its original constituents; carbon (finely divided) and hydrogen.


The scope of work includes full process and mechanical design for a system that can produce nano carbon, and hydrogen; separate the produced carbon and hydrogen; and utilize the thermal and mechanical energy.

This effort will include:

1. The selection of the appropriate acetylene generator (Carbide-type is one of the options).

2. Develop design specification for the appropriate compression/expansion device.

3. Design, develop and select the means with which to recover the explosive wave and thermal energy.

4. Design hydrogen/carbon separation equipment and process.

5. Waste handling and recovery.

NOTE: The objective of this step is to find the right pressure, temperature, compression rates and ratio to provide the most desirable finely divided carbon.


1. To produce superior quality carbon at a competitive price.

2. To produce hydrogen at the desired quality and cost.

3. This process consumes far less energy than competing processes. A typical example: The process outlined in the US Patent 7,097,675 utilizes a fast-cooled quench reactor to dissociate acetylene. Other processes include passing acetylene over a catalyst at 1000oC, (ref. Industrial Hydrogen, High S. Taylor, DSG and many This process produces energy while dissociating acetylene and many subsequent publications).


1. This is the only process that generates hydrogen from a hydrocarbon without consuming considerable amounts of energy. This process generates energy.

2. The process can generate hydrogen, nano carbon, thermal and mechanical energy from a non-petroleum/petrochemical route.

3. Additional information is shown on US Patent Office Publication Number 200800 6G768.

4. The process can lend itself to continuous, semi-continuous and on-demand (Ref. Mohamed Elgafi Presentation, ChemInnovation Conference, Houston TX, October, 2010)

5. Please find attached computer simulation.


The market exists for nano-carbon, finely divided carbon, hydrogen and energy.


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