Apparatus and Method for Repairing the Tubular End of a Vehicle Differential

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This device comprises: an operating support for repair, provided with mounting means in said intermediate tubular sector, centering means of said operating support for repair, in relation to said tubular end, and repair devices and/or accessories which are prepared for its detachable mounting in said repair operating support. The device may be mounted in a mobile unit which comprises a transport, on which structure the repair means are placed. The method comprises the steps of removing the wheel hub, mounting an operating support in the tubular end to be repaired, mounting a centering gage and measuring and centering the operating support, removing, in the end, the centering gage, mounting on the operating support, a cutting device, and cutting the end sector of the tubular end, dismounting, in the end, the cutting device, machining the tubular end preparing a cavity to wedge a replacement tubular end, heating the tubular end and weldging the replacement tubular end in the cavity. Gold Medal winner in Geneva Inventions 2009.

US-Patent application: 20100263186 / A1 / October 21, 2010

Other patent pendings: Argentina, Brazil,Mexico and the European Union,

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