Tire-Cord Splitting Machine

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This simple equipment is designed to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness level regarding time and material spent in tire manufacturing processes.

In current textile plies knitwork stage as initial process to make casing plies, there is a lot of longitude tire cords where each of them have diameters 5 times larger than the latitude with approximately 10 meters length.

Those wasted longitude tire cords could be reprocessed by tire cord splitting machine in several steps to produce a number of latitude tire cords were ready to knitted, such as counter spinning, cleavage stage (using high precision cutting tools), etc.

By this equipment, the tire manufacturer is able to reduce procurement cost significantly or produce many more textile plies with same the production cost because they only need to buy longitude tire cords for the next knitwork process.

On the other hand, the tire manufacturer could be using this equipment as a part of CSR program implementation, related with poverty reduction program, by establishing and then granting operator company of this tire cord splitting machine to a group of poor citizens. They could be selling back to the tire manufacturer with low prices so remain profitable for the manufacturer itself.


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