Automatic Tarping System

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Automatic tarping system was developed for the following reasons:

Confort of dump driver
Saving Time
Saving Fuel
Eliminate the risk factor
Make it automatic

The confort was increased because the dump's driver doesn't need to out of cabin to put the tarping sytem.

Saving time because the dump's driver need more time to get out of the truck, put the tarping and then go to the cabin to drive the truck, around 1 minute for every trip.

Saving Fuel because when the dump's driver get out of the cabine and put the tarping system let the truck ignite, so there is a waste of fuel.

Eliminate the risk factor because the dump's driver raise to the dump and there is a height of 3 meters, enough to get a big accident for him.

This system was developed before, but here in Mexico it wasn't. The advantage from this system was that use a controller to make it automatic. Just the dump's driver need to use the switch to open or close it. Don't need to push the button until the tarping system is closed or opened.



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