World 's First Solar Thermal Panel, 3X More Efficient Than Solar Cell Panels

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A Pair Push & Pull Thermal Dynamic Engines.
A super flat profile Linn's thermal engine panel, 1 sq-meter X 3" thick, consists of 2 sets ultra low temperature thermal dynamic engines configured as push and pull cranking mechanism to drive a micro electric generator on top. Its peak power output capacity is near 500 Watts per square meter, near 3X of same square meter size most efficient solar photovoltaic panels.

Reinvention of the Stirling engine
Linn's thermal dynamic engine panel is based on Stirling engine working principle. How Stirling engine toys work ? Please search Linn reinvented to sink the small power piston inside the displacer, so that to make the engine super low profile, merely 3" . Linn further improve ultra low temperature thermal capturing. 5 degree temperature difference on top and bottom plate will trigger the engine auto start and crank to output power.

Unlike photovoltaic panels that have-to face to Sun, Linn’s Solar Thermal Panel can work after dark off the Sun, as long as 5 degree temperature different remain on top and bottom plates. The engine panel can absorb remained heat on building roof to generate power electricity. The thermal engine panel works lot more hours than Photovoltaic panels that will stop working as-soon-as the Sunray off.

Besides, the solar engine panel will work and generate power if attach it on surface of a fireplace, or BBQ stoves.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels Vs. Solar Thermal Panel.
Solar Cell Panels made with silicon wafer, high cost, having its technology bottleneck, never exceed 20% efficiency. 80% of Sunray energy is wasted and stay at thermal heat, never recoverable, but to rise the building roof temperature negatively. In contrast, Linn's solar engine panel captures and converts every small amount of thermal energy to mechanical kinetic spinning energy, and produce power electricity. Besides, no silicon material needed, low production cost.

Linn's Solar Thermal Panel ,Versatile! Produce both electricity and warm water for household.
During daytime in summer , Sunray projects massive thermal heat on building roof and wall. The most challenge yet highest cost for building cooling is to install cost-effective solar system to obtain sufficient electricity for air conditioners and cool down the indoor temperature. . However, conventional photovoltaic panels remain 80% wasted Sunray thermal heat, never recoverable, but to rise the building roof temperature negatively, and put big work load to air conditioners to cool down the building indoor.

Linn's engine panel captures most thermal heat on building surface, converts to kinetic energy and power electricity, then dispenses low temp little thermal energy to dripping nature water through bottom plate aluminum pipeline. Warm natural water is stored into container for household showering, laundry and pools etc. Thus, for building cooling system, Linn’s thermal panel has absolutely advantage to keep the building roof naturally cool, and minimize the air-conditioning work load. No substitute!
Do It Your Self ! Technology Transfer Available !,
Detail design drawings / blue prints available for fabricating. More Info see



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