Robotic Assistance Vehicle

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Looking at modern forklifts, there are many things either too awkward or too delicate to handle without breaking when operating these big heavy machines. That's where the RAV (Robotic Assistance Vehicle) comes in. Not only can it pick up and manipulate irregular shaped objects, but it can turn and position them with pinpoint precision via a haptic control system on board.

The vehicle could be stored on the bed of a pickup truck, and remotely lift itself out of the truck with its robotic arms, so there is no lifting whatsoever by human hands. The vehicle's arms can assist in construction work, acting as literally an extra set of arms for installing drywall. This vehicle could also be rented for moving which normally require multiple people (like moving a piano or a water heater).

The concept was inspired from the trunk of an elephant, where they have the power to rip a tree from the ground, but also the precision to pick up a paintbrush. The Vehicle is powered by a hybrid battery system of both lead acid for counterweight, ultra capacitors for quick power bursts.

Additional features include a display which reads out the weight of the load being lifted, as well as battery life. The robotic arms would be powered by fluidic muscle actuators, which offer greater efficiency and durability over conventional pneumatic cylinders.


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