Optimal Roller Bearing

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Name of invention: Concave and Convex Roller Bearing

Range of field areas: Invention is widely used in the sphere of bearing production, mechanical engineering, as well as aircraft and high and light industry including other related fields of production.

Function: It is to enable the inner and outer rings of a bearing to be rotated smoothly on its axes.

The invention consists of inner and outer rings as well as cage and rollers. According to the main feature of the scheme the view is that no change is applied to parameters - “D” diameter, “L” length and “P” pressure (stress) of any existing flat cylindrical roller bearing.

It has three parts: middle (center - AMB arc) part of roller is concave, while both set of edges (CWA=DTB arcs) are convex. The advantages of this product are that pressure and contact stresses are distributed to three parts – the center (ASKB) and both edges (BKNFDT) of roller in maximum degree to reach to the contact area. Plus, lubrication is much better in comparison with old roller bearings. These directly reduce the level of vibration and contact stress in inner and outer rings of bearing formed because of edge loading and high speed during the time of shaft being rotated, thus allowing the longest predicted life. Radius (R and r) in both sides is interconnected with the formulas in the figure.


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