Implementable Multi-component Solution to Capture and Contain Oil and Gases Escaping from Fractured Vertical Pipes on Underwater Oil Drilling Platforms

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The state of the art solution proposed herein involves the introduction of components made from 2 newly-described, patent-pending crystalline alloys, which compose a multi-sectional pre-fabricated alloy girder-pin frame, which surrounds the entire oil platform (from the vertical level of the platform, all the way down to the mud of the ocean floor). Surrounding this tall cylindrical girder-pin frame, a vertical outer sleeve barrier created by a pair of lap-folded, double-layered, oil impermeable, alloy-fiber and alloy-cable-reinforced cloth sheets, contain all gases and oil escaping within the base of the girder-frame. As the oil and gas rise within this cylindrical containment, two sets of alloy-fiber and alloy-cable reinforced fabric, slip-knot anchored, expansible conical containment barriers capture the collected oil and gases. Under each of these vertically expansible barriers, and just below the oil platform above, 8 horizontal pipes gather the collected oil and gases, which are then brought to the top of the platform through 8 electronically controlled servo-valves attached to by 8 multi-sectioned vertical vacuum pipes.

The tops of these vertical suction pipes are connected to a computer-controlled pumping system that constantly delivers the collected oil to a continuously scheduled fleet of oil tankers, and the gas to a continuously scheduled fleet of liquid gas containment tankers which each have their own gas compression and liquefaction apparatus. The computer controlled pumping system utilizes 8 electrically isolated 12-18 disc 12” diameter Kaplan-Throttle Modified Tesla Disc Turbine Suction Pumps. The Kaplan Throttle Modifications of the Tesla Turbines increase their suction, and output flow from 50 to 180 percent greater than what is possible at a given rpm for a similar diameter standard Tesla Disc Turbine Pump by the computer regulated introduction of pressurized nitrogen gas into the and improvements in the input and output manifold designs originally specified by Tesla.

The proposed invention collects the oil and gases in a environmentally safe way allowing for tanker ships and the high tech pumping system to collect all of the escaping oil and gases, until a separately inserted set of 4 vertical multi-sectioned stainless steel concentric liquid nitrogen cooling pipes, extending from the drilling platform above, into the mud below, can freeze the mud around the ruptured drill pipe and create a solid ice frozen seal around its rupture. Until then, the sealed structure of the cylindrical and cross-barrier containment holds the oil and gases inside so that it can be pumped out safely without disturbing the environment. This design allows for an easy installation that should take a short amount of time to install. The structure is designed to withhold the natural predicaments of hurricanes, and other occurrences of the ocean.

The Liquid Nitrogen pumped downward though the inner sealed concentric stainless steel chill pipe both freezes the mud around the oil pipe leak, and simultaneously acts to increase the viscosity of the escaping oil to eventually solidify the escaping oil by the simple well known properties of viscosity increases leading to solidification of virtually every known oil.


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