Daylight Welding Helmet

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Ever watched someone welding on TV? If you have the spark never hurt your eyes cause the TV is not able to produce a spark that bright to harm your eyes. This helmet gives the wearer a full color picture as if not wearing a helmet at all but has full vision rather than the dark experience the auto-darkening helmets give. This is like welding in the Day Light rather than in the dark.


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    Jody Meredith
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    I use my imagination and also the ability to see objects finished and working in my mind before I actually build it. I also like Solid Works and 3D printers. The projects I work on vary from cooling suits to welding helmets and many other items as neede
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    I'm inspired by many facets of life. My mind is always trying to come up with a different way of seeing things than what is just visible. Improving safety, processes, and life in general are all admirable reasons for invention.
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