Race Cart

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Problem: In large stores such as Walmart, it's a bit difficult to find things sometimes efficiently. The guided shopping, computers and signs' sentiment are neat features; but, they are not intelligent enough in case that a customer want to take products in an efficient way and a shortest path. Most of the time, customers waste time at the store and get tired. Since, they are not on a right track to pick up their desirable products from on the shelves. Another problem in this context is many customers unintentionally give up their cart in a wrong place and store staff has to collect them.

Current Solution: So far, there have been so many computer solutions and tools in stores to make purchase decisions efficient, but all optimize seller’s utility. Also, there is no guarantee customer put a cart in the right place after purchase.

Race Cart: Race cart is a smart cart equipped by efficient computer algorithms to make shopping time as less as possible.

Design: The basic design of this trolley device is outlined in the video. It has a computer screen, CPU and a coin lock.

Operation: At the store, customer first needs to put a coin in lock and release a cart, then enter all products he/she want to purchase to the available computer program from their mobile phone in order to process locations. Using collective rules for all products location and efficient algorithms, the program will offer the shortest path in order to take his/her products. After, he/she is done, the cart must be returned in the right location to get coin back.

Current Status: At present, we have completed the design, computer algorithms and currently in process of building a coin locker.

Future Development: In the future, we plan to connect the cart to available marketing solutions and costumers will get all marketing news just in time when they walk in stores.



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