Quantum Chemistry Simulator

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The First Dynamic Spherical Harmonic Quantum Chemistry Visual Simulator



Click the above link to watch some sample simulations!

The Quantum Chemistry Simulator will be easy to use software that will have all 112 Elements in the Periodic Table and will be able to change their isotope number so you will be able to add or take away neutrons from the Elements. Each one will be a Dynamic Element with the all the Spherical Harmonics for that Element, you will be able to zoom in, stop the Dynamics, and click on a particle and zoom in so that when you build a molecule (in a Lego like style) or a cell you can stop the animation and focus on a molecule zoom in on it... then focus on a atom then zoom in on it then focus on a particle (photon phonon electron positron neutrino) or space quanta and zoom in... and be able to start the animation from that point of view and watch the Reactions and Interactions taking place.

Smash particles, Elements, molecules, antimatter into each other at the speed of light, while blasting them with radiation, electric fields or super strong magnetic fields or particles ... control the Gravity, Negative Gravity or the Anti-Gravity in a simulation easily with a click of the mouse!

A Quantum Chemistry Simulator, that allows you to see what's happening inside computer chips, molecular structures, DNA, Cells, Organs, Chemical Reactions, or build new nomposites, types of metals , or superconducting materials, or build a machine atom by atom then simulate it and watch it work, build a nano factory with many different nano machines atom by atom molecule by molecule, take on Replication Theory and Worm-Hole stability issues , all in an EASY to use Software Package for Windows or Linux or Mac.

Take on the Quantum World With the Quantum Transforming Particle Simulator, visualize the mathematics of Quantum Entanglement, Watch Light interact in a Tetrahedron Space frame work; most importantly, get a visual point of view of physics. Control chemical reactions in a controlled environment; see how pressure, electromagnetic waves, electricity affect atoms and molecules.

Work on the "Theory of Every Thing" with this Open Source Software, comparing your simulations with real world experiments, and chemical reactions, cellular division, virus shattering, and Genetic Sequences of Diseases, Automatically mathematically isolate issues with gravity, negative gravity, anti-gravity. Visually peer into the the dimensions of Super-String Theory, the particles of E8 theory, the mathematics of Quantum Mechanics. Share your ideas with others. Innovate and create the future!


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