Millions of endoscopy surgeries are performed each year in the US, with even more performed internationally. Endoscopy has advanced rapidly in the last twenty years. However, little progress has been made towards the development of a 3D endoscope system, even decades after they have been proposed in scientific literature.

To create a book paper with reflection emission corresponding to the eyes optimal adoption wavelengths and thus increase the contrast in between the printed material and the substrate. This means that people, especial elderly, will have increased reading possibility at advanced ages.

With 17.3 million deaths in 2008, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the leading causes of death and disability in the world, increasing tendency (source: WHO). This leads to the necessity of simple and cheap monitoring systems to spot cardiac pathologies and diseases already at an early stage.

Since several decades,

A Disposable Pad For The Prevention And Treatment Of Decubitus


Socially and medically under the radar, the annual cost of treating decubitus, commonly known as “bedsores” or “pressure sores,” is estimated at eleven billion dollars in the US.

Is it possible to build a high power, portable and inexpensive x-ray machine?

Imagine a soldier falls and needs to be evacuated via helicopter to a base camp, or perhaps a horse falls during a race and presumably has a broken leg,

Sleep disorders are simultaneously among the most common diseases and the least diagnosed. Symptoms range from low energy, irritability, and concentration difficulties to sleep attacks, cardiac arrhythmias, and hallucinations. Considering the USA, more than 70 million people possibly have a sleep disorder,

Accu-Injection – Assisting in Daily Medical Injection Regimen

On a daily basis, millions of people self administer subcutaneous injections of medication. While this daily routine becomes automatic to the patient, injection site management is an important choice. Over time,

Every year, about 250,000 cases of torn knee anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) happen in the US alone, and they all need reconstructive surgery and a long recovery time. In the NFL, they account for one in six injuries.

In the Major Auto Hemo Therapy (MAHT) an amount of blood is drawn from the patient and put in contact with a therapeutic dose of ozone (O3). Ozone is a gas with a high blood solubility and dissolves quickly into blood,

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a medical procedure used for treatment of cardiac disorders such as arrhythmia or destruction of cancerous tumors in lung, kidney, breast, liver or any other dysfunctional tissue diseases. RFA is also used for treatment of varicose veins,

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