Blood/Oxygen Saturation Control Device

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This device consists of a programmable oxygen regulator with a feedback system tied to a blood saturation monitor. The system allows medical personnel to easily input the desired minimum blood saturation level that is best for the patient. The blood saturation monitor feeds into the control box and the regulator delivers the correct amount of oxygen the patient needs at the most favorable time to achieve the required blood saturation level. This provides better safety than the present devices because minimal excess oxygen is released, while more efficiently providing the patient's oxygen requirements.

The device can also be provided as a portable version which can be used by EMT's at the scene of a trauma or during transport of patients in an ambulance or on an airplane for example.

A further iteration of the device can be useful for patients who require oxygen at home. The portable devices can also be equipped with a telemetry system so that medical personnel can remotely query the device to check on the patient's condition


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