DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots

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In testing with Special Operation Forces (SOF)
DAMPS Technology Smart Boots recorded a redution in heel strike of over 68%. That means a soldier, anyone wearing DAMPS can walk 10 miles and save the shock of 7 miles.

Plantar fascitiis is the number one injury seen by podiatrists. Low back problems are the number two cause of employee downtime. Currently DAMPS is a 510(k) exempt medical device. Our plan with Phase II-III DOD program testing is to gain 510(k) medical device status for the prevention and cure of plantar fascitiis, and impact related back and lower extremity injury.

There are no industry comparables that can come close to the shock mitigation demonstrated by DAMPS Smart Boots.

In addition to superior shock mitigation, as the wearer moves forward in the motion gait, the DAMPS system retuns to it's unloaded postion and adds real time propulsion. You can feel it in every step!

How does DAMPS Work? DAMPS utilizes opposing super magnets with a biomechanic compression array in the heel of foowear to provide an active suspension/propulsion system.

Anyone on their feet all day and/or night will benefit from this advanced shcok mitigation system.

In addition a by-product of the opposing super magnets, 3 Jewell Watts of DC current is produced, providing a platform for Energy Harvesting.



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